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Personalised Children's Story Book - The Legend Of...

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Product Description
Imagine a world without colour. No sunbeams poking through the lush green forests or bright blue waters and no vibrant rainbows after a rainy day. Then feel for the poor inhabitants of Spectrumopia who have a terrible darkness coming their way, threatening to cover the land in eternal night. 

But wait, there is hope, one person can save it all, if only someone could find their name... 

An ancient prophecy tells of this being whose name has been lost in the mists of time, so the kingdom sends a hero on a quest to find them and stop this imminent darkness in its tracks. Encountering an array of interesting and frightening creatures on his way, from green goblins and blue elves, to orange trolls and fire-breathing red dragons, he must use these clues to work out who the unnamed person is and where they can be found. 

Will the hero be able to find the only link to saving Spectrumopia? You'll have to read on to see... 

This great book is a unique way of teaching children the colours of the rainbow, encouraging and igniting their imaginations. The pages are vibrant and boast hand-painted illustrations. It can also be personalised with your little one's name which will appear as the unknown savior in numerous forms, on rainbows, the front cover and in the storyboard, for example. 

What Can I Put On My Book? 

Personalise it with the name of your child in up to 12 characters, and a personal message to appear on the inside page in up to 80 characters. 

Size: A4

Available in soft or hardback 
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