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Personalised Gardening Calendar - 1st Edition

Despatched within 1 working day
Product Description
Simply tell us their name and we'll create a personalised calendar that spells out their name in 12 gardening photographs and a personalised front cover.

With a new photograph for each month - see their name grown in pink flowers, spelt out in soil and even attached to a prize winning marrow!

Begins in any month so it's perfect for a Birthday, Anniversary or any special occasion.

Each calendar can start any month of your choice and runs for a full 12 months
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Calendar Sizes - Available in a choice of A6 Desk, A5 Desk and A4 Wall.

Luxury Full Colour Glossy Pages -  All are printed in full colour throughout with the message realistically on each image and on the front cover too.

FREE Envelope - The A4 Wall calendar comes complete with an envelope.

Sturdy Packaging - so it's protected on it's way to you.

Fits through a letter box - so you don't have to be in when it arrives.

Plain Packaging - so the recipient won't guess what it is.

What can I put on my Calendar?

Single Name - e.g. John or Claire
Full Names - e.g. Jim Patman
Company Names - e.g. Blacks Ltd

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