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Personalised Herbal Tea Tin - Grey Floral

Product Description
Whether they're on a bit of a health drive or the taste of a regular cup of tea just doesn't tickle their taste buds, we've got a tea treat we think they'll love! 

Our personalised tea tin is filled with twenty five sachets of tasty Twining's herbal tea! Not only are they caffeine and sugar free, there are five different varieties to choose from, so whether you're feeling fruity or in need of some R&R, there's something for every mood! 

With a lovely pale grey floral label, the tin reads '[Name's] Herbal Tea' in a selection of blue script and yellow block fonts against a teal background. You can personalise the label with a name and message of your choice, so everyone will know who it belongs to! The list of tea varieties are printed along the background in a matching yellow font for a great gift, whatever the occasion.

Just pop the kettle on and enjoy! 

What Can I Put On My Tea Tin?

Personalise it with a name of your choice, using up to 15 characters and a message, using up to 30 characters. 

Use our innovative preview feature to see how your personalisation will look. Simply enter the name and message you wish to appear and press the Preview button. 

About Our Herbal Tea

Inside our tins, you’ll find 25 sachets of Twining’s herbal tea. With a variety of five different flavours, you can branch out from the usual English Breakfast and sample a different one each day! All of the natural flavours are caffeine and sugar free and have added health benefits. This means they can be enjoyed any time of the day, as an afternoon treat or a soothing nightcap.

Pure Peppermint: Ideal for enjoying after a meal, the mint aids in digestion for a refreshing taste. (100% Peppermint) 

Peppermint & Nettle: A light and delicate taste, the peppermint adds energy while the nettle is uplifting, making it ideal as a replacement for a morning coffee. (50% Nettle, Peppermint)

Lemon and Ginger: With a fresh citrus taste, the ginger adds warmth and also aids in digestion. A great drink to enjoy after a meal. (Ginger Root 37%, Natural Lemon Flavourings With Other Natural Flavourings 25%, Lemongrass, Blackberry Leaves, Lemon Peel, Sweet Fennel, Natural Ginger Flavouring with Other Natural Flavourings 3.5%)

Camomile, Honey & Vanilla: A lovely soothing drink. The honey and vanilla add aroma and the camomile helps you relax and unwind. (Camomile, Natural Vanilla and Honey Flavourings with Other Natural Flavourings 7%)

Echinacea & Raspberry: With a vitalizing fruity taste, the Echinacea helps support the body’s defences for a drink that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. (Hibiscus, Echinacea Root 20%, Orange Leaves, Orange Peel, Blackberry Leaves, Natural Flavouring 6%, Natural Raspberry and Strawberry Flavourings with Other Natural Flavourings 6%, Liquorice Root, Lemon Peel)

Contents: 25 Herbal Tea Bags (5x Pure Peppermint, 5x Nettle & Peppermint, 5x Lemon & Ginger, 5x Camomile, Honey & Vanilla, 5x Echinacea & Raspberry) 
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