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Personalised Hip Flask Keyring

Product Description
We all have those days when we just wish we had never left the house! All beginning with a late wake-up, causing you to miss your bus, followed by a work meeting you forgot about and no sign of your bank card to pay for lunch. Well, surely, the day can only look up from here? Until you get to your front door after a long commute home, only to find that you've left your keys in the bowl by the front door! Peering through the letter box you can see them, just sitting their, taunting you! 

Now begins the long wait for your partner to return, so you may as well get comfy on the doorstep. But wait, what's that shimmering sign of hope that catches your eye in your bag? Hanging from your work keys you see the humorous secret Santa gift that your colleague gave you... 

A hip flask keyring! What was once a joke gift now becomes something ever-so-serious! And what's that inside? Only your favourite tipple! You lift it to your mouth, hearing a fanfare accompaniment and suddenly the stresses of the day just lift away. No longer are you sat on the chilly doorstep, now you're transported to a luxurious bar, sipping on a delicious cocktail... Bad day? What bad day?

If this sounds like a colleague or friend of yours, then this Personalised Hip Flask Keyring would make a wonderful quirky secret Santa gift. Have their name engraved onto it to read '[Recipient's name]'s Emergency Supply' beneath a cross sign and wait for thanks as it comes to their rescue on 'one of those days'. 

What Can I Put On My Hip Flask Keyring? 

Personalise it with a name in up to 12 characters. 

Use our innovative preview button to see how your gift will look when personalised. Simply type in your chosen words and press the Preview button.

Capacity: 1oz.

Dimensions: H7 x W4.1 x D2.2cm

Material: Stainless steel 
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