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Personalised Irish Coffee Glass With Baileys Miniature - Optimist or Pessimist

Product Description
Is the glass half full or the grass always greener on the other side? Some of us have an optimistic look on life. Of course they will ace the interview for their dream job that they have no experience for! Why won't it be your turn to win the lottery this week? Someone's got to! Others, however, have a slightly different outlook, but it can vary from day to day depending how it begins! 

Ensure that your part-time-pessimist pal gets the most out of their day with help from this stylish Irish coffee glass. Complete with Baileys miniature, they can blend the soft smooth creaminess of the Irish cream with the contrasting eye-opening energy of a coffee. Reading 'Forever the optimist...pessimist'. A thin white line underlines the message with an up-facing arrow at the left side, and down-facing arrow on the right side. Personalise it with the name of your recipient to appear at the top in the same font. 

They'll surely feel very lucky when they receive this as a gift!  

What Can I Put On My Glass?

Personalise it with the recipient's name in up to 14 characters. 

Use our innovative preview feature to see how it will look with your personalisation. Simply type in your chosen words and press the preview button.

Dimensions: H15cm (Diameter: 8cm)

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