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Personalised Jelly Beans Jar Birthday - Photo Upload

Product Description
Sometimes, only sweets will do. You head to the treat cupboard looking for a sugar fix only to find that devastation has hit. Someone's eaten your jelly beans. 

In these harrowing times, it only seems logical that you take drastic action. 

With our Jelly Bean Jar, you can upload a photo of your choice that will go on the candy-striped label. So next time that pesky jelly bean thief thinks they can get one over you, they'll come face to face with, well, your face. Let them know that you are always watching. The label reads 'Happy Birthday' - making it the ideal gift for your sweet-toothed friends. 

What Can I Put On My Jelly Bean Jar?

You can upload a photo of your choice that will be printed. 

Use our innovative preview feature to see how it will look with your personalisation. Simply type in your chosen words and press the preview button.

Dimensions: H11 x W11cm

Material: Plastic

Average Weight: 612g

Ingredients: Sugar,Glucose Syrup,Cornflour,Water,Citric Acid. Colours (Anthocyanins, Vegetable Carbon, Lutein, Mixed Carotenes). Glazing Agents (Shellac,Carnauba Wax,Beeswax,Flavourings, Vegetable Oil,Stabiliser (Gum Arabic) Spirulina

Please note: Not suitable for vegetarians

Made in the UK

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