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Personalised Ladybird Book For Children - Cinderella

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Product Description
We've all dreamed of meeting Prince Charming at a fancy ball and riding in a pumpkin-turned-carriage, haven't we? It was our favourite bedtime story! 

So why not relive your childhood and pass on a piece of history to your little ones with this classic Ladybird 'Cinderella' book? 

Written by Vera Southgate and illustrated by Eric Winter, the book was first published in 1964 and is part of Ladybird's 'Well-Loved Tales' range. 

The story tells of little Cinderella, who is forced to do all of the housework by her two elder sisters, sleeps by the hearth and wears rags for clothes. One day, the King arranges three balls for his son to meet a bride, but Cinderella isn't invited to any of them. Instead, she helps her sisters get ready for the balls and cries when they laugh at her for suggesting she would go. 

Suddenly, a fairy godmother appears and tells Cinderella she will go to the balls, with the help of a pumpkin, a mouse-trap, a rat-trap and two lizards. The fairy godmother transforms her rags into a beautiful dress with satin, blue and golden slippers but tells her she must return home by the stroke of midnight before the magic runs out! 

When the Prince sees Cinderella, he only has eyes for her and they dance together all night but she has to leave each ball early before the clock strikes midnight. On the first night, Cinderella arrived home just as the clock was striking midnight, on the second night, they were only halfway home when the clock began to strike twelve, but on the third night, the clock started to strike twelve when Cinderella and the Prince were still dancing, so she hurried away and lost her golden slipper on the way!  

The Prince and the King started a search through the city to find out who the shoe belonged to and they finally arrived at Cinderella's house, where the shoe fit! 

You can personalise the cover of the book with a name, to read 'A Story For [Name]' and to be printed on the inside page, along with a message, such as 'Lots Of Love From Nanny And Grandad' for that extra special touch.

A thoughtful gift, whatever the occasion that can be treasured for years to come! 

What Can I Put On My Book? 

Personalise it with a name in up to 12 characters and a message in up to 40 characters. 

Your personalisation will be added exactly as it is entered so please ensure all spelling, grammar and capitalisation is correct before adding the gift to your basket. 

Dimensions: H12.4 x W17.9 x D0.9cm

Format: Slim hardback

Pages: 52
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