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Personalised Ladybird Book For Children - Rapunzel

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Product Description
Make bedtime stories even more exciting with our classic Ladybird 'Rapunzel' fairy tale! Perfect for reading with adults and children alike! 

First published in 1968, the book is part of Ladybird's 'Well-Loved Tales' series and is retold by Vera Southgate and illustrated by Eric Winter. The story tells of a man and wife who have longed to have a child for many years but were so far unable to. They lived in front of a beautiful garden that was belonged to a witch. When the husband trespasses into the witches' garden, he agrees that when they give birth to a child, they must give it to the witch in return for the salad from her garden.

Rapunzel, the most beautiful girl is born and is given to the witch, as agreed, who locks her away in a tower and uses her long hair as a ladder to climb up. One day, a prince hears Rapunzel singing and returns each day to hear her beautiful voice. He sees how the witch calls for her hair to be let down and does the same. Mesmerised by her beauty, the prince agrees to visit Rapunzel every night and they soon fall in love. 

The prince and Rapunzel devise a plan to escape from the tower but are caught out by the witch who cuts her hair and banishes her to a desert. The prince visits Rapunzel as usual only to discover the witch instead of Rapunzel and jumps from the window onto some thorns in fear that Rapunzel has been killed. 

Every day, the blind prince wanders through the forest in hope of finding his true love and soon finds the desert where Rapunzel has been banished. Recognising her voice, the pair are reunited and her tears give the prince his sight back and they get married and live happily ever after! 

You can personalise the cover of the book with a name, to read 'A Story For [Name]' which will also appear on the inside page alongside a message, such as 'For The Girl With The Lovely Hair.' Your chosen name will also appear throughout the illustrations in the story, such as on the tower or spelt out in hair for that extra special touch!

A great gift, whatever the occasion that can be treasured for years to come! 

What Can I Put On My Book? 

Personalise it with a name in up to 12 characters and a message in up to 40 characters. 

Your personalisation will be added exactly as it is entered so please ensure all spelling, grammar and capitalisation is correct before adding the gift to your basket. 

Dimensions: H12.4 x W17.9 x D0.9cm

Format: Slim hardback

Pages: 51
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