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Personalised Natural Cushion - Initials

Product Description
Finding the perfect addition for a sofa, chair or bed can often be quite tricky. You’ve got to consider a few things including size, colour and of course quality and price. Getting the choice right means the recipient’s very eyes will light up with gratitude, get it wrong however and they might well ask what you were thinking.

Our wonderfully natural cushion promises to match any colour scheme and look right at home on the sofa or plumped on a bed. It’s great for a couple particularly if they’ve just moved into a new place or recently tied the knot and got married.

Add a little personalised touch to this cushion and make it something really special. There’s room on the front for two initials separated by an ampersand. Our expert team will embroider the letters in silver with the utmost care.

Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm.

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