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Personalised Nautical Brass Sundial

Despatched Within 3 Working Days
Product Description
Long before the days of fancy clocks and sophisticated wrist watches we would tell the time using the positioning of the sun. An impressive and inspired method that uses a flat plate and dial to cast a shadow on its surface. Marked lines indicate the time of day and as the sun moves the shadow edges align with each hour marking.

If you love nothing more than filling your home with antiques and old-fashioned artifacts then why not extend it to your garden and adopt such a method with this beautiful nautical brass sundial? Have it personalised with an engraved message along the bottom, whether that's in the form of the old phrase ''Tempus Fugit', meaning 'Time Flies' in Latin, or perhaps a loving message to a collector or newlywed couple looking to add personality to their yard. 

What Can I Put On My Sundial? 

Personalise it with a message in up to 40 characters. 

Dimensions: Diameter: 20cm

Material: Brass
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