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Personalised Retro Sweet Jar - Drive Through

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Product Description
There's certain things from your childhood you'll never forget - your first school, first love and the first time you felt the sugar rush of a sweet high! Relive that moment with this jar of retro confectionery delights.

Open the lid and you'll find Gob Stoppers, Drumsticks, Jazzles, Wham Bars, White Mice and so much more. 

The label is blue and decorated with a green swirl in the background. 'Sweets' is written inside brown blocks. Personalise it with any name and give it to a friend or loved one for a special occasion. 

What Can I Put On My Label? 

Personalise it a name of up to 18 characters and a message of up to 30 characters.

Use our innovative preview feature to see how the jar will look. Simply type in your chosen words and press the preview button. 

Small Jar (25L) Contents: 

1 x Flying Saucers (25), 1 x Candy Necklace, 1 x Double Dip, 1 x Flumps Twist, 1 x Wham Bar, 1 x Candy Sticks Box, 1 x Love Hearts Lipstick, 1 x Haribo Bag, 1 x Gummies, 2 x Refresher Bars, 2 x Anglo Bubbly, 2 x Rainbow Drops, 2 x Love Hearts Mini, 3 x Drumstick Lollipop, 3 x Fizzers, 3 x Parma Violets, 4 x Bubble Gum Gobstoppers, 4 x Refresher Chews, 4 x Double Lollipops, 4 x Fruity Pop Lollipops, 4 x Fruit Salad Chews, 4 x Blackjack Chews, 6 x Sherbet Lemons, 6 x Rhubarb & Custard, 10 x Straw Dust, 15 x Foam Shrimps. 

Large Jar (4.5L) Contents:

1 x Flying Saucers (58g), 1 x Double Dip, 1 x Haribo Bag, 1 x Refresher Roll, 1 x Sherbet Fountain, 1 x Dip Dab, 2 x Refresher Bars, 2 x Flumps Twist, 2 x Wham Bar, 2 x Candy Sticks Box, 3 x Anglo Bubbly, 3 x Rainbow Drops, 3 x Double Lollipops, 3 x Fruity Pop Lollipops, 4 x Bubble Gum Gobstoppers, 4 x Refresher Chews, 5 x Drumstick Lollipops, 5 x Fizzers, 5 x Parma Violets, 6 x Sherbet Lemons, 6 x Rhubarb & Custard, 8 x Fruit Salad Chews, 8 x Blackjack Chews, 15 x Straw Dust, 20 x Foam Shrimps. 
Customer Reviews (4)

100% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
Great product
Great product, it came bigger than I originally thought it was which was a great surprise! Very happy and so was my boyfriend!
By introgert from East Sussex
/ 5
Really pleased with this item
So pleased I ordered the large jar. It looks just like one of the large sweet jars from the old fashioned confectionery shops. Excellent packaging, covered in bubble wrap in a box. The quantity of the labeling was brilliant. Very pleased with this item. Would definitely recommend.
By Susie the Cat from West Midlands
/ 5
Bit disappointed
Bought this for a friends birthday. Liked the jar and personalised message looked well but one of the sweets had burst and covered jar and contents in a sticky sugar mess.
By Snowy from Derry
/ 5
A personal treat
A good variety of sweets in the jar. A lovely personalised message on the front. Highly recommended. I bought 3 of these for children and adults.
By kellyann from Somerset
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