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Personalised Retro Sweet Jar - Happy Easter

Product Description
Key Features:
  • Filled with delicious retro sweets
  • Available in two sizes: small or large
  • Made in the UK 
This marvellous plastic jar is stuffed full to the brim with classic sweeties. The green striped label reads 'Happy Easter' in a brightly coloured selection of fonts. Personalise it with a message to appear across the bottom on a dark green strip. An adorable fluffy yellow chick peaks out from behind the lettering. Including flying saucers, frosties, white mice, fruit salad, refresher chews, anglo bubbly and many more of your favourite treats, this is a fun gift that’s guaranteed to get any sweet tooth smiling.

  • Personalise the label with a message in up to 30 characters
  • Use our innovative preview function to see how your personalisation will look. Simply enter a message and press the Preview button
Size & Contents:
Small Jar (2.5L): 
  • 1 x Flying Saucers (25), 1 x Candy Necklace, 1 x Double Dip, 1 x Flumps Twist, 1 x Wham/Refresher Bar, 1 x Love Hearts Lipstick, 1 x Haribo Bag, 1 x Gummies/ Vimto Bar, 1 x Candy Sticks Box, 4 x Refresher Sweet Chews, 2 x Anglo Bubbly, 2 x Rainbow Drops, 2 x Love Hearts Mini,  3 x Fizzers, 3 x Parma Violets, 4 x Bubble Gum Gobstoppers, 2 x Refresher Chews, 4 x Double Lollipops, 4 x Fruity Pop Lollipops, 4 x Fruit Salad Chews, 4 x Blackjack Chews, 6 x Sherbet Lemons, 6 x Rhubarb & Custard, 10 x Straw Dust, 15 x Foam Shrimps. 
Large Jar (4.5L):
  • 1 x Flying Saucers (58g), 1 x Double Dip, 1 x Haribo Bag, 1 x Refresher Roll, 1 x Sherbet Fountain, 1 x Dip Dab, 4 x Wham/Refresher Bars, 2 x Flumps Twist, 2 x Candy Sticks Box, 3 x Anglo Bubbly, 3 x Rainbow Drops, 3 x Double Lollipops, 1 x Candy Necklace, 3 x Fruity Pop Lollipops, 4 x Bubble Gum Gobstoppers, 4 x Refresher Chews, 5 x Drumstick Lollipops, 5 x Fizzers, 5 x Parma Violets, 4 Love Heart Mini, 6 x Sherbet Lemons, 6 x Rhubarb & Custard, 8 x Fruit Salad Chews, 8 x Blackjack Chews, 15 x Straw Dust, 20 x Foam Shrimps. 
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