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Personalised Set Of Three Beers - Senior Moments

Product Description
Does your dad often complain about his aching bones, the ever-growing bald patch at the back of his head and his worsening memory... (which you've decided is, in fact, selective hearing)? 

When he forgets an important date it can't possibly be his fault. Naturally, it's his overflowing schedule and age. The last time someone asked him when he's 'finally going to let go' of what's left of his hair, you almost sensed a welling up and knew that was a topic for another time, or perhaps never!  

Growing old should not be considered a negative thing, it happens to us all, so why not help your lovely dad age with style, sophistication and confidence and kick start his new appreciation for imminent maturity? 

A great place to start is these humorous bottles of delicious pale ale. All with differing labels reading 'Hair Growth Beer', 'Anti-ageing Beer' and 'Brain Beer' you can aid him in finding the funny side to his ageing aggravations. Personalise them with his name to make them an extra special gift this Father's Day.

What Can I Put On My Label?

Personalise it with the name of your recipient in up to 28 characters, to appear on each bottle. 

About Our Beer:

Provided by The Coach House Brewing Company, this award-winning pale beer is brewed entirely from malted Maris Otter barley grown in Yorkshire. Target Hops and the late addition of the pine lemon crispness of the whole Leaf Green Bullet hops make it easy and refreshing to drink.

About The Coach House Brewing Company: 

Established in 1991, after the closure of the Greenall Whitley Brewery, ex-employees were dedicated to the brewing and supply of hand-crafted cask-conditioned ales and wanted to continue the heritage built upon from 1762.

Success at numerous beer festivals and competitions around the country is testimony to the popularity and quality of their produce. Located just north of the River Mersey, they supply the country through regional wholesale distributors as well as making direct deliveries around Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Manchester and further afield.  

Alcohol volume: 3.5% (1.75 UK Alcohol Units.)

Bottle size: 500ml

ABV: 3.5% (1.75 UK Alcohol Units.)

Please drink responsibly -
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