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Personalised Silver Money Box - Grandad's Number Plate

Product Description
He loves cruising down the motorway with the windows rolled down and feeling like he's in his vintage convertible like the good old days. 

But he's suddenly brought back down to earth when he hears those infamous words, "Grandad, wind the window up, we're getting wet."And once again, his retro convertible bubble is burst and the realisation that he's actually driving a family-friendly, 7 seater becomes all too familiar. 

And while your weekly spends won't come close to buying his vintage car dream, you can help Grandad feel like he's 21 again with a money box he can save his silvers in - and become one step closer to buying that classic car.

Our Silver Money Box reads 'Grandad's Car Fund' with a car registration design. You can even personalise it with a special message to appear on the back.

What Can I Put On My Money Box?

Personalise your money box with up to 60 characters to appear over two lines on the back.

Use our innovative preview feature to see how it will look like with personalisation. Simply type in your chosen words and hit the preview button.

Dimensions: W8.1 x H8.1 x D4.1cm.

Material: Silver
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