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Personalised Silver-Plated Puzzle Globe

Product Description
Ever wondered what it would be like to hold the whole world in your hands? Quite the responsibility, we bet! How about if you were asked to put a jigsaw puzzle of the earth together? Would you know what mountain ranges go where and what's an ocean and what's sea? 

Well don't worry we aren't going to quiz you on your geographical know-how, rather, this puzzle would make a great gift for someone who you think has conquered the world in some way or another. The silver-plated jigsaw would look brilliant on the desk of a business tycoon or entrepreneur who's hard work and determination has impressed you greatly. 

Each piece magnetically clings to the spherical metal inner base and it can be broken apart and put back together at any time. Presented on an impressive rectangular stand, much like an award, you can add the personal touch and have it engraved with a name above the words 'The world is in your hands'.

Show someone how proud you are of them, with something they can show off to loved ones, friends and clients alike. 

What Can I Put On My Globe?

Personalise it with a name in up to 14 characters

Use our innovative preview button to see how your gift will look when personalised. Simply type in your chosen words and press the Preview button.

Dimensions: Globe: 7.5cm (diameter) Base: H5.5 x W5.5 x D2.5cm

Material: Silver-plated
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