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Personalised Wooden Bird Box

Product Description
Could there be a better start to the day than peering out of the window, tea in hand, watching the chirruping birdies merrily tucking into their grub? Birds are endlessly fascinating, and we can't think of a more cheerful beginning to the morning than watching them flit in and out of their nests, worms in tow. 

Welcome wildlife into your garden, and encourage birds to nest with this adorable, personalised wooden bird box. It's a perfect hideaway for feathered friends, as it'll help to keep them safe from predators such as cats, and will provide a snug for birds to lay their eggs.

Ideal for tits and sparrows, the bird box is personalised with the message of your choice, so it's a perfect way to surprise and delight your favourite twitcher!

Resembling a wooden beach hut, the elegant, weatherproof, nesting box comes in a stylish pastel yellow hue with an overlapping, weatherboard-style, shingle roof in grey-toned wood. A silver-coloured metal hole at the front allows access for the birds, whilst helping to keep larger predators out of the bird box.

There's a lockable, hinged door at the side of the bird box, so you can easily clean inside once the breeding season is over.

The Personalised Wooden Bird Box comes with a hook at the back of the 'roof', so it's ready to be hung in a suitable spot in the garden. We suggest fitting the bird box 1.5m to 5m above ground, in a spot with a clear flight path, and somewhere that isn't easily accessible by predators (such as cats). There's no need to fill the nesting box as the birds will forage for their own materials.

What Can I Put On My Bird Box?

You can personalise the front of the bird box with any message, with up to 20 characters painted in a chic charcoal grey paint beneath the metal entrance hole.

Material: Slow-seasoned FSC wood

Dimensions: H25 x W20 x D18cm 

Please note: In the UK, it is illegal to clean out nest boxes during the bird breeding season; the cleaning out of nest boxes is permitted between 1 August and 31 January.
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