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Personalised Wooden Coasters In Ceramic Dish

Product Description
Tired of fighting over the coasters at home? For some reason there's one less than the amount of family members, and a strict 'no water rings on the coffee table' policy. So the slowest member always ends up having to hold their cup, no matter how lava-hot it may be, for the entirety of their drinking experience. 

Put a stop to scolded palms and unhappy brew-breaks when you invest in these four wooden coasters. Personalise each with an initial so everyone knows whose is whose. Never let dad steal yours because 'he says so!' or your big sister because 'she was on the planet before you', everyone will have their own, kept safe and sound in the stylish white ceramic dish. 

What Can I Put On My Coasters? 

Personalise each one with an initial in up to 1 characters each. 

Dimensions: 10 x 10cm

Material: Wood (ceramic dish) 
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