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Prank Golf Balls

Product Description
Do you know someone who is super competitive when out on the fairway? There's no room for friendliness when they're playing, it's all about the winning. If they ever perform a dodgy shot, it's not a pretty sight. Blood pressures rise and voices are raised, making for a very tense end to the game. 

Now, we understand this type of competitiveness shouldn't be messed with but, in preparation for a day when you're feeling particularly cheeky, these little chaps could give you a serious laugh. Golf balls with a twist, one of them explodes on impact, another turns into streamers, and the third couldn't roll straight if it tried... there's no way that's going anywhere near the hole! 

Watch their face as they can't comprehend what is happening before their eyes, it'll be sure to give you a better chance of winning as well as a right-old-laugh! 
Customer Reviews
Yvonne McPhee
Your gifts are lovely and so unique. I just hope my friend receives this for her birthday tomorrow x
By Yvonne McPhee from Falkirk, Stirlingshire
Diane Carpenter
lots of quality gifts at reasonable prices
By Diane Carpenter from STOKE-ON-TRENT
Betsy Saunders
Very helpful and easy to use
By Betsy Saunders from HORSHAM, West Sussex
Joan Wright
Lovely gifts great selection. Ordering process very easy .
By Joan Wright from CRAIGAVON, County Armagh
Geoffrey Martin
Great idea hope delivery will be as promised
By Geoffrey Martin from STOCKPORT, Cheshire
Ashley Meade
Great value for money thank you
By Ashley Meade from Dartford, Kent
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