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Pregnancy Countdown Calender

Product Description
The minute you find out you're expecting, your mind is bound to fill up with anything and everything you can imagine. What will your baby look like? What should you call it? Will you be able to tackle the nappy? And the big one... how much will labour hurt? All normal questions that will soon become clear. 

If you would like a way of following your pregnancy with helpful hints and tips to keep you informed with what to expect, then this lovely countdown calendar is at your service. Split into three sections for each trimester and accompanied by adorable illustrations relating to each stage, you can tear off each day as you go, nearing towards your due date. Important milestones will also be marked by sweet icons, for example, it's approximate size at that time and around when to expect your first kicks. A helpful dictionary is included for you to decipher the meaning of each icon and in case baby brain is taking over! 

Stick it up on any wall in the home and start preparing yourself for your new arrival! 

Dimensions: H108 x W45cm

Material: Paper 
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