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Safe Baby Handling Tips

Product Description
Are you preparing for the arrival of your first bundle of joy? Can't seem to get your hands on the manual that has the step-by-step instructions telling you how to be the perfect parent? Then how are you supposed to know when to change the nappy, what they're crying for or whether they like chess? 

Well, panic over! This book, entitled Safe Baby Handling Tips, is here to help! A humorous take on baby manuals, this quirky handbook boasts amusing black and white 'how-to' images with captions, helping you get to grips with day-to-day tasks like buckling up a child up safely in the car seat or massaging it. 

On the front cover a 'Wheel of Responsibility' is there to decide whether it's mum or dad's turn to tend to their crying infant... sounds fair enough, right? If the wheel always lands on the same person, you should probably take it as fate deciding the right path to take! 

Feel less like an idiotic parent blindly trying to bring up their miniature human-being, and keep this baby bible by your side at all times. Alternatively, give it to loved ones expecting their own and wait for the appreciation to come flooding in! 

Dimensions: H15.7 x W15.9cm

Format: Hardback 
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