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Sat Nag

Product Description
If they're prone to getting enraged on the roads, we've got just the gift!

Our brilliant Sat Nag invention is completely useless, except to highlight just how infuriating a Sat Nav can be! With over 25 "helpful" comments delivered in that all-too familiar and slightly patronising voice, including classics such as 'At the next junction you'll be driven completely round the bend' and 'In 25 metres, pull over, so I can get out, slam the door and walk away...just so you can apologise and have no idea what you have done,'  

The Sat Nag features a holographic screen, complete with streets such as 'Earache Avenue' 'Moaning Road' and 'Backseat Drive' and realistic speedometer and distance icons and is sure to help them forget about their road rage (for the next mile at least!)

A fun gift for a driver, whatever the occasion!

Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 1.7cm 

Features: Lenticular screen, distances, road names and speedometer

Please note: Batteries included

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