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Scrawl: Doodle Your Way To Disaster Game

Product Description
Key Features:
  • A cheeky game for 4 or more players
  • Contains 60 scenario cards to create over 240 scenarios!  
  • Includes 8 dry-wipe markers and clipboards with dry-wipe canvases 
If you loved Pictionary as a child, get ready to meet our adult party game - Scrawl! Each player is given a clipboard and takes a scenario card, ready to create a masterpiece! Cards include scenarios such as 'Darth Vader's Day Job' and 'Giraffe Limbo Contest'. Once each player has drawn their scenario, they pass their clipboard to the left and the next player scrawls down what they think they're looking at! It's a perfect drinking game! 

  • 8 x clipboards with dry-wipe canvases 
  • 8 x pens and cloths
  • 60 double-sided scenario cards
Please Note:
  • This is an adult party game 
  • Age 17+ 
  • Each game lasts 30 minutes 
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