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Shower Song Book

Product Description
We all have that inner diva just trying to get out. That certain urge to get up and do a tap dance on our desks or perform a dramatic reading on the commute. For most of us it usually comes out in the comfort of the shower as we are at our most relaxed. The steamy environment creating a music video-like scene as you blast out your favourite tunes at the top of your lungs. 

But then your flow is suddenly cut short, no longer can the neighbours hear your dulcet tones, because you've forgotten the words! If you had a crowd in front of you, you'd be getting booed off the stage right about now! 

Avoid any make-believe rotten tomatoes being thrown your way and invest in this handy Shower Song Book. The waterproof contraption means you can write down the lyrics to your favourite power ballads or rap track and peek at them every now and again as you lather up. 

A must-have to keep your squeaky clean reputation alive! 

Dimensions: H12.5 x W9.5cm

Pages: 66
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