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Skull Pint Glass

Product Description
Have you ever had a few too many beers and felt like you see the world differently? The theory of the beer goggles is one often used by folk, but what if, while nursing what should be your last pint, your glass seemed to be looking back at you? Creepy, we know! This scary Skull Pint Glass could provide hours of fun freaking out friends when you replace their normal glass with it. 

Enjoy watching as they stare quizzically at it, blinking and rubbing their eyes to see if they're seeing things! With carved facial features the large severe eyes, nose and grinning jaw stand out brilliantly, while the handle makes it more secure in case fright occurs! 

The perfect Halloween drinking vessel for parties and fright nights, or simply a great gift idea for a loved one who loves beer and all-things gothic. 

Capacity: 1 pint 
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