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Sound Machine

Product Description
Whether you're tucking into an awkward family dinner with the grandparents (we've all been there) or are perusing the bookshelves in a public library and just can't take the awkwardness any longer, we've all had that burning desire to break the silence, right?

And while your creative mind boggles with ways in which to do so, let us introduce our Sound Machine! Handheld and pocket-sized, the sound machine is complete with 16 life-enhancing sounds and is sure to provide hours of entertainment. 

Perfect for use in board meetings, school assemblies, open plan offices or even family meals, the sounds range from anything from applause, burping, booing, cheering, a comedy punch line, drum roll, fart, gunshot, glass breaking, idea ping, ka-ching, scream, whistle and even a wrong answer! 

A great way to liven up a dull room and a fun gift for a practical joker! 

Dimensions: 6.2 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm

Material: Plastic
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