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Space Invader Cotton Pillowcases

Product Description
We would love to slumber sprawled across the middle of the bed, starfish-style. Sadly, we are only too aware that mummies and daddies are relegated to the furthest edge of the mattress. Who gets the middle, long known as the comfiest part of the bed? The children, of course!

With arrows allocating space for each member of your brood, these amusing pillowcases show just how the family sleeping arrangement works. As you can see from the photos, it's bad news for parents - the littlest ones hog the bed! 

Crafted from organic cotton, these soft, white pillowcases are printed with black arrows to divide the mattress area into a section for dad, mum and the kids. You can choose to have ‘dad’ on the left-hand side with ‘mum’ on the right-hand side, or ‘mum’ on the left-hand side with ‘dad on the right-hand side. Alternatively, you can personalise the pillows with a name or message for the left, middle and right side.

At least with these pillowcases, the next time the children rush into your room at the crack of dawn, you’ll know where they’re headed! (And you can prepare yourself for a cold arm and leg as half of the duvet moves towards the middle of the bed!)

What Can I Put On My Pillowcases?

Personalise the left side with a name or message, using up to 12 characters, the middle, using up to 20 characters and the right side, using up to 12 characters. 

Please note: We will personalise the pillowcases exactly how they are entered so please ensure all spelling, grammar and capitalisation is correct before adding the gift to your basket. 

Material: Organic cotton

Dimensions: H55 x W70cm
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