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Spaceform Mini Glass Token - You're The Gin To My Tonic

Product Description
Exclusive To Us

Thanks to an exciting collaboration between our designers and Spaceform, these tokens are one of a kind. Every token sports a phrase aimed at making you smile or laugh. 

All of them are handcrafted and take 38 processes to make, ensuring each token is unique. 

You're The Gin To My Tonic...

You and your partner might have different interests, that's part of what makes the relationship interesting. Those differences might apply to your favourite kind of drink, but there are some combinations that aren't complete without the other. Gin and tonic are two examples that spring to mind and this mini glass token represents that.

The glass token reads 'You're the gin to my tonic' in frosted writing over a red heart. It was personally crafted by a glass making company in London called Spaceform. 

The token comes with a paper frame that has an exclusive message on the back that demonstrates how much care went into making the gift. The token can be propped up inside the frame or taken out to stand on its own.

About Spaceform

Spaceform is a creative glass company, designing and creating beautiful glass products from tokens to photo frames. Founded by Christina Greenhalgh and Jane Gibbery, after graduating from art college in 1993, they decided to set up a cold working glass workshop, and Spaceform was born. Their aim was to create unusual and thoughtful glass gifts for a range of occasions. Specialising in layering sheets of glass, blasting organic imagery and painting on to glass, the team got their big break in 1995 when they won a commission to appear in a Harvey Nichols window display, and have since gone from strength to strength. 

Going solo in 2008, Christina continues the legacy of “acknowledging one another with a thoughtful gift that makes everything worthwhile.” Based in Battersea, London, each gift is handmade in the studio alongside their residing border collie, Holly.

Material:  Token: Glass Frame: Paper 

Dimensions: Token: H4 x W3.9 x D0.5cm  Frame: H6.3 x W6.3 x D1cm
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