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Star Wars® Kitchen Timer

Product Description
If you're a bit of a novice in the kitchen and often forget what time you put things in the oven, only to open it up to find charred remnants of your tea, then it looks like you could do with a side-kick. A trusted companion that will look over things while your head is turned.  

If you could pick a character from a film who really gets the whole role, then who would it be? Robin? Wonder Woman? No, we think you'd choose the ever-faithful R2D2. This robot or, astromech droid, to the super-fans, will happily stand by you, keeping count of how long your favourite dish has been sizzling away. The 60 minute egg timer gets to work with the simple twist of his head. 

Looking exactly like the real thing, this helpful gadget would be a brilliant gift for fans of sci-fi who would ideally like the real thing, but would definitely settle! They'll love having him on their kitchen table as a little mascot. 

Dimensions (approx.): 14cm tall
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