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Star Wars® Mini Mug Set of 2 'I Love You, I Know!'

Product Description
The Star Wars universe is filled with many characters who are memorable, from the legendary Darth Vader to the loveable Chewbacca. But some of the greatest lines in the franchise come from dashing rogue Han Solo and the feisty Princess Leia. Who could forget the iconic moment in The Empire Strikes Back when Han is about to be put into carbon freeze and Leia says 'I love you.' Always calm and collected, even in the face of certain doom, Han replies 'I know.'

Or in The Return Of The Jedi when Han is pinned down by stormtroopers and finally says 'I love you.' Leia, chin head high, blaster in hand tells him 'I know' and shoots the stormtroopers. 

Now you can relive both classic moments with this mini mug set that features Han and Leia. Drawn in a cartoon style, Han's face is plastered across a blue background. He's holding a blaster with a determined expression. Below are the words 'I Know.' 

Leia looks equally fierce with her face set on a pink background, holding a blaster as well. 'I Love You' is written across the bottom. On the reverse of both mugs is the Star Wars logo. 

Capacity: 110ml

Dimensions: H7.0 x W5.7 x D0.8cm
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