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Star Wars® Stormtrooper iPhone 5 Cover

Product Description
The Stormtrooper, an ever loyal server of Emperor Sheev Palpatine and recognisable from their stand-out white body armour and bucket-like helmets. The last place you want to come across them is down a long corridor, E-11 blaster rifle in hand, and only one thing on their mind... 

One thing you may like them to do, however, is protect your precious technology, such as your iPhone 5, with their extended range of survival equipment which allows them to adapt to almost any environment! 

Enter this iPhone case, boasting a distinct likeliness to their helmet. There to provide your beloved mobile with the protection it deserves, the monochrome design is stylish, minimalist and subtle, so your inner sci-fi geek can be ever-present while still representing your cool side. 

The perfect gift for big and little kids alike, any Star Wars fan will be catapulted to a galaxy far, far away each and every time they answer the phone. 

Material: Silicone

Please note: Suitable for iPhone 5 only
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