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Strictly For Cats

Product Description
Open up this book and get lost in a world where Felix dances the foxtrot and Poppy does the paso doble...

We would be daft in thinking that our feline companions would not get caught up in the Strictly fever that we do every weekend. And in this book, you can see what it would be like if the cat world embraced reality television and the world of ballroom dance. 

Bess and Jasper, the suavely-dressed presenters, introduce the acts who do their very best to triumph in every turn and nail every lift, as they adapt to the world of a dancer. 

Expect love stories, falling-outs and wedgies (yes, that's right), as well as egos and edge-of-the-seat verdicts, all before the winner is revealed. 

With amusing tid-bits from each contestant accompanied by full-colour, hilarious images of each mog having donned a glitzy gown or fetching tuxedo, this lovely little book will be sure to make any cat lover fall into a feline frenzy. 

Dimensions: H13.5 x W16.5cm

Pages: 80

Format: Hardback
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