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Subbuteo Bottle Opener

Product Description
Ahh Subbuteo...

Those were the days. Do you remember crowding round the dinner table to play, shell-suited and listening to some seriously impressive dance music?

One of the most popular games in the nineties, this flicky football game was huge with football fans world wide. 

They've become the kind of thing you find in draws at home that instantly evoke memories of simulated pitch invasions (aka, the odd scrap across the table), and the days when players wore short shorts and extra large shirts. 

So, what could be better than a Subbuteo piece bottle opener? A great way to open your favourite beverage while looking back on the good old days... we all love to do that after a few drinks! 

This beautifully-made bottle opener is perfect for football fans and nostalgia lovers alike. 

Available in copper and silver.

Dimensions (approx.): H9 x W6cm
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