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Sunography Fabric

Product Description
If you want to try your hand at getting creative in the home but don't see yourself as an artist in the making, then why not give this innovative new technique a go? You'll be surprised at how impressive the outcome is. 

Without getting too 'science-y', Sunography dates back to 1842 and is a means to create your own solar-powered photography on high-quality light-sensitive material.

So, how does it work? Simply place an object or transparency on the fabric and expose it to direct sunlight, before rinsing to reveal a blue print. And if you'd rather a sepia or yellow tone then you can rinse it in a household detergent. Your image will be printed on both sides so everyone catches it at its better angle and it creates a long-lasting impact. 

Whether you want to remember a dramatic broken limb by printing on an X-ray, perhaps a favourite pet or even the beauty of autumnal leaves as they fall, the opportunities for some seriously unique decorative displays are almost endless. 

A wonderful reinvention of an old-fashioned technique, this pack of six fabrics would make the perfect gift for an arts enthusiast. 

Dimensions: H15 x W15cm

Material: 100% cotton 

Sheet colours: 1 x green, 1 x orange, 1 x rose, 1 x turquoise, 1 x violet & 1 x white

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