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Sunography Paper

Product Description
With digital cameras, touch-ups and editing, it's safe to say photographs have been given a bit of a face lift! The days of tinted black and white snaps of your parents and grandparents that are curled at the edges are long behind you - or are they?

For someone who loves to get behind the camera and holds a candle for those vintage photos, our Sunography paper set is sure to put them back in the picture! 

But what's Sunography, we hear you ask? Well, without getting too 'science-y', Sunography dates back to 1842 and is a means to create your own solar-powered photography on high-quality light-sensitive material.

So, how does it work? Simply place an object or transparency on the fabric and expose it to direct sunlight, before rinsing to reveal a blue print. And if you'd rather a sepia or yellow tone then you can rinse it in a household detergent of your choice. Your image will be printed on both sides so everyone catches it at its better angle and it creates a long-lasting impact. 

A fun and alternative way to capture images and give them a retro feel! 

Contents: 6x Sheets of Watercolour Paper 

Dimensions: 5 x 7" or 17 x 12.5cm
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