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Superman Ceramic Bookends

Product Description
Do you wish someone would come to the rescue of your fallen books? Now permanently positioned in a catastrophic pile on the end of the shelf, as though Lex Luther has dropped by for a visit and turned everything upside down! 

Who can we think of that has the innate strength to hold up such weight when necessary? Superman! With his renowned ability to lift cars and even mountains, while surviving nuclear blasts unharmed, we're thinking this task will be an easy one to perform. 

Invite this cultural icon into the home of someone who loves their comics, and help them restore peace over the affected land. The ceramic painted statues are taking on a strong pose, with his wide-legged stance and hand pushing out, simply place them either end of your row of books and rely on the man himself to restore order upon Metropolis... AKA, your home. 

Just make sure no one owns any Kyrptonite, otherwise you'll be back to square one...

Dimensions: H18 x W12 x D11cm

Material: Ceramic
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