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Tales Of The Tooth Fairy

Product Description
The Tooth Fairy, who is this elusive character? A he, a she? Flitting from pillow to pillow every evening, collecting fallen teeth and replacing them with a congratulatory amount of pocket money. 

Say goodbye to milk teeth and hello to big kid choppers!

But what do you know of this friendly character? Not much? Educate your little ones on the Tales of the Tooth Fairy with this beautiful set complete with doll and pouch, a tale of the tooth fairy book and an official tooth record keeper so you can keep up with the time and dates of your lost nashers. 

Presented creatively in a box, the set boasts pictures of a fairy tale-like wood with enormous trees enveloping an adorable little cottage with stone paving leading up to it, presumably the home of our fairy friend! Delve in to the story and find out just what the tooth fairy gets up to on a daily basis and, most importantly, where she puts your teeth! The interior of the box is set out as if it were the fairy's house with a worn chair propped up against the wall beside a little table with a tea pot and cup laid out. On the wall is a sign reading 'Home Sweet Home'. 

Available in male or female form, you truly can choose exactly who you want them to be. The cute-as-a-button male fairy has glittery turquoise wings and is dressed in a pair of blue trousers with a brown wrap jacket and black belt. He is carrying his matching pouch which he uses to keep all the teeth safe. The female has pink glittery wings and is wearing blue and red striped tights with a red dress with green polka dots. She’s donned some pink ballet pumps to keep her light on her feet and has accessorised with a golden pouch. These fashion-savvy, cuddly characters will make lovely night time companions for your children and their tale makes for delightful bedtime reading.
A beautiful keepsake that allows children to enjoy their first signs of growing up.

Details: Choose from a boy or girl tooth fairy doll. 

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