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Tatebanko Paper Dioramas - The Beatles Abbey Road

Product Description
The ancient Japanese art of Tatebanko has seen a remarkable surge in popularity since its birth in the 17th century. An art consisting of making dioramas out of paper, it would typically depict a scene, housed inside a paper box. With very little materials, you can create dramatic scenes and artistic masterpieces, needing only a ruler, scissors and glue. 

This recognisable Beatles diorama shows the famous 1969 Abbey Road crossing scene as they walk, one-behind-the-other, across the zebra crossing. This wonderful piece of art boasts cut-out 3D-effect trees, cars and figurines of the band, using stylish colours and finishes to add to its authenticity and make it look aged. 

All captured in a paper box which is decorated with a grey brick effect and continuation of the main design, this unique creation takes little assembly and would look fantastic on the shelf of an avid Beatles fan, surrounded by other memorabilia.   

Pay homage to one of history's most influential bands with this unique art form. 

Dimensions: H12 x W12 x D7.6cm

Material: Paper

Age: 12+
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