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Tattoo Palmistry Hand

Product Description
Are you sick and tired of losing your rings? Do you sometimes need mystical powers to remember where you last left your favourite bracelets? If yes, then our Tattoo Palmistry Hands are the ideal solution...

This decorative white ceramic hand is complete with a bright, mock tattoo design. Inside on the palm of the hand, there's the traditional palmistry lines showing you how to find out your strength, courage, and pain, amongst others.

There's two designs to choose from - the Rock & Roll design which spells those very words across the knuckles of the hand and features a large red rose tattoo design. Underneath there is a smaller heart design reading the words 'Live Fast'.

The second design reads 'True Love' across the knuckles and features a red heart 'Love' tattoo design and an anchor underneath.

Each hand makes a fabulous decorative piece for you proudly to display and also make a useful jewellery stand for your dressing table.

Dimensions: 14cm x 7cm x 19 cm

Material: Printed ceramic
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