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The Bat Mug

Product Description
Even the caped crusader needs a good cuppa after a long day fighting crime and saving lives... 

You won't find him drinking from a mug boasting the face of Grandma Bat, oh no, he never does things the way us mere mortals would. You can be sure he'll be sipping from this super-cool bat mug. Coordinating with the likes of his versatile suit, bat-mobile and smooth personality, whoever's brew round it is had better not be forgetting his quarter spoonful of sugar, or he'll go all bish and pow on them!

The matte black ceramic creation has giant bat wings instead of the usual hum-drum handle, so you can mix it up as you work out the best way to tackle your tea break. Much like when the man himself is on one of his quests to conquer the baddies! 

Feel like a superhero the next time you fancy a caffeine fix. A great gift idea for dad this Father's Day. 

Measurements: 7.8 x 21.7 x 10cm

Please note: The mug is microwave safe 

Customer Reviews (4)

100% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
Really good gift
This was just what I needed for Father's Day ,he is a massive batman fan and now has his coffee in this brilliant mug thank you
By Elzee99 from Minster
/ 5
Great caped crusader mug!
Brilliant pressie for any Superhero nut or their dad!
By SamC from Southampton
/ 5
Batmug - Brilliant
Lovely gift idea for the comic book hero in your life.
By leeg from Manchester
/ 5
exerlant gift
Very good nice size too. Good gift for a batman fan .
By Bob from staffs
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