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The Big Cheese Making Kit

Product Description
Do you know someone who loves their cheese? If they could have it on every meal, they would! It might seem like a bit of a science lesson concocting your favourite varieties, but really it's a lot easier than it looks. Only requiring a small amount of ingredients and a short amount of time. 

Put your cheesy buddy's obsession to good use, while cutting the weekly fromage budget in half, when you gift them with this kit to make at home. Whether they like it crumbly, chunky or sprinkled over their favourite pizza toppings, it'll only take a matter of minutes to become a cheese-making guru. 

A great task to take on with the kids, it's a lovely way to introduce them to the way their favourite foods are made, keeping them aware of what goes into what they eat. 

Simply choose from the Goat's cheese, Halloumi or Mozzarella kit and just add milk... 

Choice of cheese: Goats Cheese, Halloumi or Mozzarella

Ingredients: Citric acid, organic sea salt, vegetarian rennet, butter muslin.

Dimensions (of box): H15 x W25 x D8cm

Please note: The kit has been designed with the environment in mind. All packing is from recycled sources. Our pots are made from Vegware and can be composted.
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