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The Big Package - 4 in 1 Chopping Board Set

Product Description
The Big Package is the perfect tool for safer cooking. Four clearly coloured boards that keep your food stuff separate - and your chances of a dicky tummy to a minimum! Included in the package is the classic Big Chopper, the interlocking meat and two veg chopping boards, plus a fish and a bread board, not to mention a handy rack to display them all in their full glory!
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And don't worry, any scratches that build up on your board are normal and a good sign that you're really getting to grips with your big chopper. Also feel free to put it in a nice hot dishwasher anytime to keep it extra clean!
Customer Reviews (1)

100% would recommend this to a friend

/ 5
Although at first i found the shape of the item very distracting, i then used this in a positive way and this product would hopefully bring spice back into mine and my partner's life. So thank you for your willy shaped chopping board. At 63 who knew we could still keep going ;) I highly reccommend this.
By Adam from Cocksmith Avenue, Brighton
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