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The Drunken Cookbook

Product Description
Key Features: 
  • Separated into handy sections and range of difficulty/drunkenness! 
  • Perfect burgers, curry and burritos while enjoying a pint! 
Unlike driving, texting and neurosurgery, cooking can be improved by a drinking session. This book offers delicious recipes tailored to your level of tipsiness and perfect for soaking up the worst of it. 

Spicy Thai-style pork burgers, a quick couscous chicken biryani or authentic smoky burritos can be delectable and, more importantly, achievable with The Drunken Cookbook in hand.

These delicious recipes are separated not only into sections such as Meat, Heat, Fried, Carbs, Party Food and Boozy Desserts, but also by range of difficulty/drunkenness! 

  • Hardback
  • 144 Pages 
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