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The Gnominator Gnome

Product Description
Are you tired of unwanted guests laying claim to your lawn? Whether it's birds, squirrels or your next- door neighbour with boundary issues, it's got to stop! If you're one more disruption away from investing in a full-on scarecrow then halt proceedings and why not give gnomes a chance? 

What do you mean you already have? And they still haven't got the message... Well, seems like it's time to bring out the big guns. And with the Gnominator gnome, that's exactly what he's holding in his hand. 

Donning a leather jacket and matching pants, a chunky golden belt ties the outfit together, while his sunglasses hide a world of sins! In his right arm he is holding a threatening-looking gun, while his turned-down mouth, visible six-pack and rosy cheeks make him look fresh from his latest 'job'. His wide-leg stance shows his authority and, beneath his clumpy footwear, it reads 'The Gnominator' on a stone-like platform. 

Only the most daring of visitors will attempt to cross his path... 

Dimensions (approx.): H23 x 18cm 

Material: Weatherproof ceramic 
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