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The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Product Description
Do you often pass gardens jam-packed with gnomes? Their mischievously frightening facial expressions would be enough to keep you off even the most inviting of lawns! Of course, that is their main aim, but often they seem needlessly unapproachable... In a series of mean-looking stances, some even armed with weaponry, you wouldn't be the only one to wish karma upon the miniature men! 

Well feast your eyes upon this, dinosaur fans. Your beloved T-REX is doing the dirty work for you. Showing the naughty gnomes who's boss, he can be seen chomping and standing on some, while grabbing his next victims. A great gift for gnome lovers and haters alike, who like to create their own world in the garden. You can always be sure that when a dinosaur is dropped into the equation things are bound to get dramatic! (You've seen the films, right?) 

That'll teach them for crossing his path... 

Dimensions (approx.): H23 x W18cm

Material: Waterproof ceramic
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