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The Little Stork & My Given Name

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Product Description
Story time is a personal and important part of your children's childhood. It's how you introduce them to the world in a subtle and creative manner. 

This beautiful story follows the life of a young stork called Bindee. He is told he cannot fly by his fellow storks around the Given Lake where he lives. He is asked to deliver a baby home, whose name will be that of your child, and an adventure ensues. 

Along the way he meets an array of wonderful characters, all who have inspirational messages to share about themselves. For example, a lion who is 'lovable' a unicorn who is 'unique' or a rhinoceros who 'has respect for others'. Each characteristic works wonderfully to teach children life lessons, spelling out their name with the first letter of each for a special and personal touch.

Accompanied by beautiful illustrations of the fantastical landscape settings and make-believe characters, this beautiful tale has hidden meanings and characters to represent certain beliefs. Whether that's the Pelican Postman who is actually a wizard and is out to make Bindee feel much better about himself, or the stories he learns about the meaning of his name and where he comes from. 

Enter your child's name as well as their gender, hair colour and ethnicity and we will create the baby's character to not only have their name, but look as much like them as possible. 

What Can I Put On My Book? 

Personalise it with the name of your child in up to 12 characters, their gender and ethnicity and a message to be written on the inside page in up to 80 characters. 

Dimensions: H21 x W27.8cm

Format Options: Hardback or softback with Environmentally friendly paper
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