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The Potty Piano

Product Description
You know what it's like, nature calls and you just can't be bothered to pick up! Going to the toilet can be a tedious task, you can't take the TV with you and the last time you took your phone, it ended up submerged in millilitres of water! 

Well, if you're looking for some toilet time entertainment, then let us introduce The Potty Piano! We sense a confused face... Let us explain. You know that mat you've got covering the floor around the loo? Well, it's like that, but so much better! 

With a keyboard and stave design, all you have to do is put your foot to the floor and hear the dulcet tones the piano keys make as you apply pressure to them. Fun, right? 

Although tough to resist, we would advise choosing your times wisely. You don't want to be making music while there's a queue forming outside! 

Dimensions: H50 x W55 x D1.7cm

Contents: 1 x matt, 1 x potty piano song book 
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