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The Sky Is The Limit Mug

Product Description
Key Features:
  • Gloss finish
  • Scratch Resistant
Do you know someone who's just landed their dream job? They've spent years studying to make sure they achieve their goals, and finally all the hard work has paid off. All those times spent discussing the future over a nice cup of tea, wondering how your lives were going to pan out. Well now the sky truly is the limit, and no one is going to get in the way of them reaching the highest heights. 

Sit down with a congratulatory brew and reminisce over school days when your aspirations were to be a pop star, and theirs to be a Hollywood actor. Show your support and gift them with a mug that will forever remind them of how much you believe in their ability to succeed.

The white mug has silver stars on it and reads 'The sky is the limit' in an artistic font. Every time they lift the mug to have a soothing sip, they'll be comforted by the kind message. A great gift idea for a friend with high aspirations, or a love for astronomy. 

  • Ceramic
Care Instructions:
  • Hand wash recommended
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