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The Upside Down Wine Glass

Product Description
Have you ever hosted a dinner party, only for the atmosphere to fall a bit flat? You considered booking in that magician you've heard loads about, and are now starting to regret your decision not to! Well worry not, we've learned from our past hosting mistakes and can now present you with the ultimate in glassware gadgetry. 

Upon first look this novelty wine glass looks no different to any regular glass, but have one waiting at your table, only to halt conversation as your guests gasp in horror when you seemingly turn it upside down! Once the shrieking has subsided and everyone opens their eyes to a dry, clean table cloth, you can let them in on your little secret...

With a little hole to pour the liquid in, you can sip away from the base of the glass to everyone else's amusement! Just remember not to turn it the 'right way' up, other wise you really will have a damp dining table! 


Material: Glass

Care instructions: Hand-wash recommended 
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