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Toilet Dog Bowl

Product Description
Do you often walk into the bathroom to find your beloved four legged friend drinking from it? Since he's was a pup he's been set on that being his bowl. If you're tired of the queue that forms outside the bathroom while his Lordship is having a refreshment, then it's time to think of a solution... 

If only we could explain how unhygienic his dirty habit is, perhaps he'd stop. Alas, he is a dog therefore we can't. This dog toilet water dish could, however, be your saviour. Taking on the form of a toilet, you can simply attach a two litre plastic water bottle to it, to ensure it's kept filled up with delicious and clean water. We know dog's are renowned for being intelligent, but we think you'll be able to fool him into thinking he is taking a sip from the real thing. 

Never again will you have to panic as his adorable face comes in for a hug, and you remember it's been in the family loo. This totally sanitary gadget will suit all involved! 

Dimensions (approx.): H21.5 x  x W14 x D23cm

Material: Ceramic  

Please note: Plastic water bottle not included 
Customer Reviews
Peter Renouf
Very good so far
By Peter Renouf from SHREWSBURY
Brenda Smith
Lovely pierces. Hope that my order can arrive by Monday 12 September, my dear friends birthday.
By Brenda Smith from GREAT YARMOUTH
David Still
Great site and easy to use
By David Still from BUCKIE
kathy mullins
I have used this website a couple if times now.. And it's fab..thank you... Love the very personall thing... Especially for family..and friends...x
By kathy mullins from WARRINGTON
Pamela Duff
Very good website
By Pamela Duff from BILLINGHAM, Cleveland
Debbie Harrison
Excellent gifts and easy to use
By Debbie Harrison from MANCHESTER
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