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Toilet Golf

Product Description
They say we spend around 92 days on the porcelain throne in a lifetime. Quite shocking, right? Think of all that time that could be spent on something much more productive! You could learn a new language, pick up the art of origami or memorise every continent in the world... 

Or if that doesn't quite tickle your pickle, why not make your loo break a bit more fun with our toilet golf set! You can practice your putting whilst you... well, you know! With an artificial putting green that fits snugly around the base, a cup with a flag, a telescopic putter, 2 golf balls and even a 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger, you can putt in peace with no risk of being disturbed. 

A fun gift for a golf lover that's sure to make those 92 days fly by! 

Contents: 1x Felt Putting Green, 1x Cup With Flag, 2x Plastic Golf Balls, 1x Putter, 1x Do Not Disturb Sign

Dimensions: H40 x W50 x D4.5cm (approx.)

Suitable for ages 4 and above
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